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About the GLC

The Great Lakes Chapter is made up of individual, professional home inspectors who are Members of the American Society of Home inspectors. GLC Members meet quarterly in and around the Great Lakes states in order to provide a forum for education and training.

The primary goal of the Great Lakes Chapter is to educate home inspectors through classroom and hands-on training seminars. Seminars may also cover changes in the market place and new laws that affect the home inspection industry. New Members, Candidates and guests are generally surprised by the friendliness and sharing that has become a standard of the Great Lakes Chapter Sharing experiences and teaching one-on-one is what you will find when you attend a GLC Seminar. Be ready to be amazed at the amount of quality information you will receive and the knowledge you’ll take home with you.


The Great Lakes Chapter presents three educational seminars each year. Just a sampling of the outstanding seminars presented in the past are:

  • Structures; truss & foundation failures.
  • Heat exchanger inspections.
  • Air conditioning & heat pump inspections.
  • Electrical trouble shooting & inspections.
  • Plumbing inspection tips.
  • Carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Lead based paint inspections & certification.
  • Asbestos identification & certification.
  • Office; helper training.
  • Marketing & advertising techniques.
  • Report Writing workshops.
  • Round table discussions and more.

Attending just three seminars a year will give you 30 Membership Renewal Credits. MRC’s are required to maintain your standing in ASHI. In addition, the knowledge you take home from each seminar will help you to become the best of the best in your market place. The Great Lakes Chapter is recognized, throughout the nation, as the leader in home inspectors educational training.

“The LAKER” Newsletter

Paid members will receive our quarterly digital newsletter publication, “The LAKER”. This newsletter contains the latest recalls, technical articles, chapter updates, and helpful tips. A yearly subscription to “The LAKER” is also available for non-members for only $15.00 per year. Contact Carol Case for further details.

Technology & Tips

The benefits of joining the Great Lakes Chapter extend beyond the educational training The friends you make at the meetings are not only friends, but you’ll find they’re also sources continuing information. It’s not uncommon for Members of all levels to call on one another throughout the years for consulting, sharing an for legal witnessing.

Tools and technology. You will find the latest in. new gadgets, tools, report forms, computers, radon and lead testing devices and more, all displayed by leading suppliers and manufacturers.


One of the most important events you will ever attend are the GLC’s Peer Review & Education Review processes. Here’s the opportunity you’ve been waiting for: a chance to attend an inspection with an experienced inspector or to inspect the review home on your own and have your report reviewed by a panel of Certified Master Inspectors. You choose the process that best fits your experience.


Group:  Attend an actual inspection with a group of inspectors and ask questions as an Education Mentor takes you through the “hows” and “whys” of investigating and reporting.

Individual: Inspect the home on your own and and ask questions as an Education Mentor takes you through the “hows” and “whys” of investigating and reporting.


Inspector by Review® (IBR):  Inspect the home on your own and have your report and narrative delivery reviewed.  A passing review merits the IBR designation.

Master Inspector by Review® (MIBR):  Inspect the home on your own and have your report reviewed. A passing review merits the MIBR designation. In order to receive the MIR Certificate, you must find 100% of the defects found by a committee of 3 to 6 Master Inspectors who inspected the home together.

Reviews are conducted at each educational seminar. You must contact the Peer Review Chairman prior to the meeting. A fee will be assessed for the review process. Watch for The LAKER newsletter and seminar brochures for times, locations and costs.

*These honored designations have been registered by the GLC with the USPTO for over 20 years!