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Current Leadership

Board & Committee Members

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GLC Officers:
President: Janni Juhasz 
Immediate Past President: Eric Barker  
Vice President: Todd Arnold 
Treasurer: Steve Cross 
Secretary: Dave Yost 
Executive Director: Carol Case

GLC Committee Chairs:
Auditing: Lester Ottenwalder
Awards: Bob Mueller 
Bylaws: Rick Vernon
Display: Don Randazzo
Education: Janni Juhasz and Todd Arnold 
Education Committee: Bob Mueller and  Dave Yost  
Ethics: Lon Grossman
LAKER: Carol Case
    LAKER Editing Committee: George Krause and Jack Fehlandt
Librarian: Scott Dalbey
Marketing / PR : Craig Hardy and Hank Sander 
Membership: Carol Case
    Membership Committee: Rob Zorzan, Glenn Loisel,  Manass Hochstetler, David Bunker, Scot McLean,Rich Spraggs, and Deryck Gruber
Mentoring: Tony Smith
Peer Review: Joshua Westlund  
Website: Carol Case

Board Of Directors
Term Ending June 2018 :
Todd Arnold  
Eric Barker (Immediate Past President) 
Ryan Beardsley
Steve Cross
Dave Czarnecki
Tony Smith  
Rick Vernon 

Term Ending June 2019 :
Janni Juhasz 
John Pesek 
Donald Randazzo  
Rick Sabatino  
Josh Westlund 
Dave Yost  
Rob Zorzan

GLC member serving as ASHI® Officer
Howard Pegelow
,  President

GLC members on ASHI® Board of Directors
Tony Smith
Mike Wagner (Secretary)

GLC members on ASHI® Council of Representatives :
Eric Barker (MIDWEST Group Leader) 
Dave Czarnecki 
Janni Juhasz

Todd Arnold
Rick Vernon