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Membership Requirements

Thinking About Becoming A Member – Membership Requirements
First, join ASHI as a Candidate for a minimum 30-day waiting period.  Everyone, regardless of experience starts out as an ASHI Candidate.Pass the ExamsPass the National Home Inspector Examination and the ASHI Standards of Practice/Code of Ethics Examination (separate fee), offered in hundreds of locations throughout North America.

For the National Home Inspectors Examination, call toll free 877-543-2744 to make a reservation.  Visit or call the Examination Board of Professional Home Inspectors at 874-298-7750 for exam information.

For ASHI’s Standards and Ethics Examination online, visit, or call Promissor toll free at     877-543-2744 for a list of available test centers and to make a reservation.  The exam handbook and ASHI Standards of Practice/Code of Ethics can be found online at, or through our fax on demand service (800-743-2744, press 0, document #1003 for handbook, document #1010 for ASHI’s Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics).

Have Your Reports Verified

Perform your home inspections in compliance with ASHI’s Standards of Practice and have your reports verified by ASHI.  When you have performed at least 50 fee-paid inspections, you may request report verification.  For this you will need to submit a list of at least 50 of your inspections, including the date of inspection, and the address of the property.  ASHI will randomly select five inspections form your list and request copies of those five full reports, which will then be verified that they were performed in compliance with the ASHI Standards of Practice.  At any time you may request “pre-verification” to ensure that your reports are in compliance.

50 Inspections – Apply for Candidate with Logo Use Status

Once you have passed both exams, passed the verification process, and performed at least 50 inspections, you may contact ASHI headquarters to achieve Candidate with Logo Use Privileges status.  This intermediate status permits you to use the “ASHI Candidate” and “The ASHI Experience” logos in your marketing materials and to be listed on ASHI’s on-line find an inspector and fax-on-demand referral services.

250 Inspections – Apply for Full Member Status

When you have performed 250 fee-paid inspections, had your reports verified, and passed the exams, you are eligible for Member status.  An Affidavit of Completion must be signed and notarized and your name submitted to the Membership Committee for approval.  Your Member status is effective within two weeks.