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Peer Reviews

The Peer Review is open to ASHI Associates, Inspectors, and Members. It’s purpose is to test and improve inspection and communication skills. There are four categories:
  • Educational Review – GROUP
    The Group Education Review is meant primarily for new inspectors who have fewer than 50 inspections or are a new inspector. The member is guided through an inspection of an actual home by senior, experienced home inspectors (Educational Mentor). We emphasize the ASHI standards in the inspection, and take the member through all systems in the house in one-on-one or very small groups. There is plenty of opportunity for questions and answers. New inspectors find this to be an excellent learning tool. There is no time limit and interaction between participants IS encouraged.
  • Educational Review – INDIVIDUAL
    The Individual Education Review is a transition from the group review to the IBR.  It is recommended that candidates have 50-100 inspections completed.  It allows a “practice” IBR in that candidates individually inspect the house the first hour, interact with other candidates the second hour, and review the house with an Educational Mentor, finishing in a classroom setting with a photo review and discussion.  
  • Peer Review/Inspector by Review® (IBR)
    The applicant must have passed ASHI exams prior to IBR registration. In the IBR the participant is given time to inspect a selected house as if he/she were working for a paying client. Later, after preparing an inspection report, the participant presents the inspection findings to a peer review panel consisting of three members. The participant is expected to identify all the major deficiencies and to demonstrate a thorough technical knowledge and communication skills. Participants who pass will receive IBR certificates.
  • Peer Review/Master Inspector by Review™(MIR)
    Master Inspector is similar to the IBR with the additional requirement that the inspector must have been an ASHI member for at least 5 years and an active GLC participant. Participants who pass will receive a certificate and a Master Inspector pin.

The next Peer Review takes place on the Friday prior to the GLC quarterly seminar. The fee is $25 with conference registration or $50 if not attending the conference. If you are interested in participating contact:


Josh Westlund, Chairman

Office:  773-988-0189

Email:  Click to visit Josh’s Member Page



Rick Vernmi_vernon_rick_JUN14.jpgon, Past-Chairman

Office: 616-875-3025

Email: Click to visit Rick’s Member Page