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Why Should I Hire A Great Lakes Home Inspector

Even the best inspector in the land can never “know it all”. At the Great Lakes Chapter (GLC) the bar is set high! Our members believe in this principle so much that we have adopted a chapter motto that states –

“Education will never be as expensive as ignorance”

Home inspectors that choose to join the Great Lakes Chapter demonstrate a willingness to reach for higher standards than the average home inspector. What makes this so? Let’s first take a brief look at the membership requirements set forth by the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI).

ASHI membership is not something that can be obtained simply by writing a check to the organization. Several steps are required to achieve “member” status. Passing the National Home Inspectors Exam, a test that is recognized and used by several states that have already passed licensing laws for home inspectors, is one large step. At least 250 fee paid inspections must be completed and submitted to ASHI for verification. The inspection report produced by an inspector must meet stringent ASHI guidelines, so the inspector must submit inspection reports to ASHI for yet another verification process. A test covering the ASHI Code of Ethics must also be completed prior to being granted membership. As you can see, fulfillment of these requirements takes time and considerable effort. ASHI members are therefore ‘seasoned’ inspectors, not rookies fresh from a one-week home inspection training school.

The Great Lakes Chapter was formed to help ASHI inspectors come together to further their knowledge base and share on-the-job experiences with one another. Three times per year GLC conducts regional educational conferences to help members fulfill the 20 hours of annual continuing education required to maintain membership within ASHI. Great Lakes Chapter training conferences have long been recognized within the profession as some of the best educational programs offered throughout the United States.