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There are numerous types of home inspection reports used by home inspectors. Keep in mind that one type of reporting may not necessarily be better than another.

Reporting methods may be computer generated or carbon copied hand written types. Reports can vary in length from an average of 10 – 30 pages. Most home inspectors will do on-site reporting; this will allow you to walk away with your inspection in hand. This can be in the form of a checklist, narrative or detailed type report. Some will supply your report with-in 1-2 days of the inspection.

Receiving your inspection report.

  • On site
    • Hand written
    • Computer generated
  • E-Mail
    • Many inspectors have the capability to e-mail your report, whether it is in the form of a Word or PDF type document
  • On line
    • Some inspectors have you sign on to their web site to download your report
  • FAX or mail
    • Inspectors can always mail or FAX your report directly to you
  • Other
    • Some inspectors are putting inspection reports on CD’s
    • Some inspectors will give you a summary on site and than follow-up with a detailed report