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What is a home inspection?

Inspectors observe the house from the roof to the foundation, and many places in between. When trouble signs are recognized, a GLC inspector will share information they possess about the trouble spot.

ASHI_Virtual_Home_InspectionSome items simply indicate the need for normal or routine type repairs, while others signal the need for additional insight that only a specialist can provide. While GLC inspectors invest over 20 hours per year to further their education, or knowledge base, there are certain times where only the informed opinion of a specialist will suffice.

Why not skip the home inspection and just bring in a plumber, carpenter, roofer, heating and cooling technician, electrician, and maybe even a structural engineer to look at your house? That is a potential option, but not a realistic option. Keep in mind the investment you make with a home inspector vs. the cost of bringing in specialists from each field. The fees for a home inspection range in the ‘hundreds of dollars’ category, but the total bill for a full complement of specialists could easily run ten times more, not to mention the scheduling nightmare you would endure!

Contacting a GLC home inspector is the first step in making sure your inspection needs are fulfilled by an honest, educated, and seasoned professional.  Inspectors are very knowledgeable in the many separate ‘pieces of the puzzle’ that fit together to make a house. Perform a  search now to identify GLC inspectors in your area.